All the things you would
expect from an in-person
primary care visit,
just over the phone
or through video chat.

Welcome to a better primary care experience, designed for the way you live. With streamlined access to your dedicated care team, appointments on your schedule, virtual wellness exams and a holistic care approach, it’s healthcare the way you want it. And best of all? Visits don’t cost you a thing.

What's included:

Doctor’s Visits

Check in on your health as much as you need. Virtual visits are $0 out-of-pocket every time, no exceptions.

Yearly Check-Up

Have a virtual wellness visit once every 12 months, which includes lab work like a complete metabolic panel.

Intelligent Referrals

Need in-person care?**
Your MyHealth PCP can refer you to the right specialist, ensuring you get the best care at the best price.

Rx Discounts

Why pay full price for prescription drugs? Our program helps you save up to 80% on most meds at retail pharmacies.

How it works:

Schedule a visit

Pick and see the same provider, on your schedule for routine or chronic ailments, mental health concerns, and referrals to specialty care when needed.

Speak with your provider

They will assess your concern, recommend treatment options, order any necessary lab tests or imaging, and refer you to the right specialist when needed.

Receive ongoing care

Enjoy the same important follow-up services you’d get in-person. If your treatment plan includes a prescription, you can pick it up at your local pharmacy.


* MyHealth provides online medical consultations with MDs, DOs, NPs, and PAs who can write prescriptions when medically necessary and permitted by state law.
** In-person visits may be subject to normal cost sharing.
* To sign up for wellness services, please click on the Order Wellness Services button below. You will then be prompted to sign up for a mobile wallet account. Once your account is
   successfully created, log into your account and select the MyHealth tab and click the service option you wish to purchase.